The Kosovo Memory Book presented at the New School in New York

On November 15, 2011, at the New School for Social Research in New York, Natasa Kandic presented the first volume of the Kosovo Memory Book to a number of students and representatives from Consulate General of Kosovo and American Council for Kosovo. The book contains the life narratives of 2,050 people who were killed, died or disappeared during the war in Kosovo in 1998. read more


In Pristina promoted The Kosovo Memory Book

Humanitarian Law Center and Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo organized promotion of Kosovo Memory Book, 1998 that is composed by 2.046 narratives of killed, fallen and missing persons during the war in Kosovo in 1998. According to Natasa Kandic from humanitarian Law Center this book is very important because it describes the context of how thousands of people were killed in Kosovo. “For the first time in the history of Balkans we have a book that tells stories of victims and will serve for the future generations to refer to this book while they speak about that what happened in the past” and added that “this book does not intend to equalize victims but to show the societies in Serbia and Kosovo what happened during this period”. Bekim Blakaj from Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo spoke about the engagement of tens of person in collecting data and that more than 8.400 interviews are done with victim’s family members.” read more


 Kosovo Memory Book: 1998 – Book Promotion

BELGRADE, 09/08/2011 – Today, September 8, 2011, on the premises of the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC), the first volume of the Kosovo Memory Book: 1998 was promoted. The book deals with human losses in Kosovo in 1998. The follwoing speakers took part in the promotion: Mr. Nils Ragnar Kamsvag, Norwegian Ambassador; Natasa Kandic, Director of HLC; Bekim Blakaj, Director of HLC-Kosovo, Olgica Bozanic from the Associations of Families of Victims and Missing Persons; Slobodan Kostic, journalist; and Vladimir Arsenijevic, writer. The presentation was attended by family members of victims and missing persons, NGO representatives, representatives of the diplomatic corps in Serbia, as well as judges and prosecutors. None of the politicians or senior government officials attended the event. read more


 Kosovo Memory Book: 1998 – Book Promotion

LONDON, 09/08/2011, the British Academy – Examples of such documentation work showcased at the launch included the Kosovo Memory Book, 1998, unveiled today by Sandra Orlovic, Deputy Executive Director of the Humanitarian Law Centre, Serbia, and Bekim Blakaj, Director of the Humanitarian Law Centre, Kosovo. The book is the first volume in a larger project to tell the story of each victim of the conflict from all communities in Kosovo from 1998-2000, and lays to rest long-standing disputes and mutual mistrust regarding the true extent of the casualties of this conflict. read more