Presentation of the register of killed and missing in Podujevo/Podujevë

On March 9th 2010 HLC Kosovo presented the results of the record of killed and missing in the area of the municipality of Podujevo/Podujevë between January 1st 1998 and June 14th 1999. The presentation, held at the Podujevo/Podujevë municipal assembly, was attended by the media and over 130 family members of the killed and missing. Families gave HLC Kosovo large number of relevant documents and photographs of the victims.



Senior adviser Faik Gashi attended the presentation on behalf of the Municipality of Podujevo/Podujevë.
Head of HLC Kosovo, Bekim Blakaj, presented the work the HLC and HLC-Kosovo in terms of collecting data on all persons who were killed or disappeared in Kosovo between 1998 and 2000, and attempts to document the fate of these people in the Kosovo book memory. Mr. Blakaj then presented the interim results of the record of killed and missing in relation to the total number of victims in the municipality of Podujevo/Podujevë, their sex and age structure. Bekim Blakaj said that no one can equalize the victim in relation to the gravity of the crime committed to them or those who have committed these crimes.

At the end of the presentation, members of the families of the victims checked information about their loved ones in HLC Kosovo’s database. During testing it was found that the data in the files of the victims in most cases is complete and accurate.